Random notes

2017-05-06 16:49:44 by Dead-Bon-Bon-MK0

who spend there time in doors and not go outside is fun out there behind a screen doing 24/7 sleep eat and ect


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2017-05-06 17:14:36

Stop takes drugs and drink alcohols.

Dead-Bon-Bon-MK0 responds:

fuck you


2017-05-06 18:39:49

Are these rap lyrics?

Dead-Bon-Bon-MK0 responds:

nope i just can't talk right due to my bad grammar


2017-05-06 19:26:43

I think what you meant to say was "Who spends their time indoors and doesn't go outside? it's fun outside, but they just spend their time behind a screen sleeping, eating and etc 24/7"

Anyway, i get what you're saying, it's good to go outside sometimes.

Dead-Bon-Bon-MK0 responds:

Mm mm


2017-05-06 23:34:55

you're not an example of the opposite tho

Dead-Bon-Bon-MK0 responds:

let there be anything sh